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Why the Order of your Exercises matters

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

You want to build muscles and you pick some weights up and do some exercises that you found somewhere in the internet. You are excited because exercise is good for you and the instructor looks fit and confident. It doesn't feel quite great afterwards.

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Yes, movement is great for us, we need it! Now, we are all stuck in different postures, which means that we might benefit from different exercises to help regain proper alignment. Additionally, when knowing what muscles, we need to activate to help with better alignment we will benefit from first quieting down those other muscles that are working more than needed.

What is the corrective exercise continuum?

This is where using the corrective exercise continuum can be very helpful. So, the idea here is that we first inhibit those muscles that are working more than needed. We can achieve this through rolling, massaging, or any other way to inhibit those muscles.

After that, stretching that group of muscles would help the lengthening process. This will be followed by activating the musculature that have been working less than needed. After that, we can finally finish by integrating that motion into a more complex movement. This way, the body can understand how to apply this new acquired knowledge.

Elise can help you find the best exercises!

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