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Fitness Training

Just like a car, when our bodies are not aligned, some parts will wear sooner than others. This is why working to improve alignment is crucial to decreasing the risk of injuries

Personalized fitness trainer

Personalized Assessments​

Why waste your time with movements that are not supportive to your body?

Static and Dynamic Assessments help identify the right exercises for your body.  As a movement trainer, Elise helps you determine the muscles that need to be released and the ones that need to be engaged so that you can gain the best possible alignment, move better, have less pains and gain access to a higher level of energy.

Individualized Routines

  • Corrective Exercises 

  • Being aware and avoiding wear and tear in the body

  • Somatic techniques for re-patterning

  • Strength Training and Power

  • Cardiorespiratory Workouts

  • ROM and stretching

  • Stress Management

  • Balance and posture work

  • Improving functionality

  • Understanding the effects of stress in the body and the shape of your body

Individualized movements routines
Wellness support

Coaching & Support​

  • Behavior Modifications

  • Movement

  • Nutrition

  • Movement and Activity

  • Stress Management

  • Body Awareness

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