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Movement Classes

Join Elise in these weekly movement classes! She offers something for every level and ability!

Elise with band1_pp.jpg

Better Posture, Core and Stability

Join Elise for an amazing class to help increase your core connection, gain better alignment,  stability and strength. We use pelvic core balls and bands.

4:30 pm
{70 min}

Women Stretching

Yoga + Bartenieff

This  is the perfect class to increase flexibility,mobility, alignment, core and to calm the nervous system. Choose your level. We will move in three-dimensional ways on the ground and standing up.

9:30 am
{1 hour}

Yoga Class for all Ages

Gently Moving for Better Alignment

Join Elise for this seated workout. She includes exercises for body awareness, posture improvement and deeper breathing. Get moving and feel great!

Mondays and Wednesdays
9:20 am
{30 min}

Brazil sample1.jpg

Latin Core

Move to Merengue, Bachata, Salsa,

Cha-cha and more.. .get toned, have fun, feel alive!!


10:10 am

{1 hour}

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