Customized Packages with Elise

Getting stronger requires progression. Building a routine is the first step and we can then work on the appropriate progressions. Progressions include not just changes in weight, but directional changes, and the use of unstable surfaces, among others. Building body awareness takes time but the results are well worth it.  A combination of the right exercises and body awareness is ideal! if we are doing great movements but seated in bad posture for many hours in the day, we are not supporting what we are encouraging through movement. Also, willing your body into good posture, when certain muscles are overactive or overworking and others are working less than needed is not likely. Having a combination of both is of great importance, and something that can keep on being reinforced from one session to the next so that it can become integrated into our bodies.
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Yoga Class
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Corrective Exercises Package

This packages combines movement and exercises to help you improve your posture, which is the first layer before adding more complex movements. Improve comfort and flexibility.

  • Full evaluation and goal setting – 40 min

  • Receive a list of Corrective Exercises

  • Receive coaching on correct form of exercises

  • Clarify questions and answers

  • Total for the 3 other items - 40 min

Exercise and Coaching Package

This packages combines one-on-one Training and Coaching. Elise customizes exercises and purposeful conversations to help you get to your desired goal. 

  • Includes a 55 minute movement session

  • and 20 minutes of coaching

  • Coaching can focus on:

  • Obstacles and accountability

  • Behavior modification strategies

  • Stress management

  • Exercise and Nutrition support

Form Improvement Package

This is the perfect package for people that do yoga, Pilates or weight training. Have you wondered if the way you are doing your practice is helping or hindering you? Elise can check your  form and movement regimen to choose the right exercises for you and help you perform them correctly

  • Let's visit the quality of your movements

  • Find your best possible alignment

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Online and Onsite Training

Continue to work on your fitness and wellness goals goals on site or in the safety of your home or work.    Elise has the expertise to bring you the very best in fitness and movement training. 

  • Remote or In Person 1 on 1 Training

  • Meet your fitness and wellness goals

  • Expand your understanding of movement

  • Continue to gain good form and body awareness

  • Improve your exercise technique

  • Have accountability

  • 55 minute sessions