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Feeling Good in Mind and Body
as You Move Through Life

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Not all movement is for everyone,
Find the right movements for you!

Meet Amelia

Why work with Elise?

  • 30 + Years of helping people achieve their goals in the Fitness and Wellness field.

  • Holistic Training Including: Masters in Exercise Science, Somatic Graduate Certificate, Health Coaching Certification

  • Her Understanding of the Needs of Women 50 and Better. 

  • Gain Better Body Awareness, Alignment, Energy and Well-Being .

  • Learn the Movement and Practices that are Most Important For You.  

Elise health coach

Meet Elise

Expert Trainer and Movement Instructor

Elise Foss (MS, GLCMA, HC) has been in the fitness Industry for 30 + years and has helped numerous people look and feel their best! Elise realized early on that she was happiest when moving and dancing. This helps her tone down anxiety and relieve depression.  Finding and experiencing the right movement is her potion for feeling good, and this is what she loves sharing with others as a fitness trainer and health coach!

The Masters that Elise has in Corrective Exercises has helped her support people in finding better alignment, whhich translates to better posture and strength. Her holistic understanding of movement and the mind-body connection stems from her Somatic Training and her Health Coaching training helps her to find how to best support someone in their journey. Her years of experience and expertise make her a sought after movement trainer! Particularly in the Chicago area.


Elise integrates the following areas in her sessions:

  • Corrective exercises: Alignment is crucial for optimal health!

  • Movement Analysis: Her expertise helps her understand the types of movements that her clients are missing.

  • Energy work, healing and meditation: These help her assist clients in incorporating changes from an energetic or spiritual level.

  • Health Coaching: Most of us know what we need to do but are not doing it, and might need to explore how to move into action.

"I believe that complex human beings have the need for individualized and holistic solutions.  This is why I have trained in various areas relating to the human body as well as mindfulness, in order to properly advise my clients in matters of wellness."

Elise Foss, MS, GLCMA, HC


"Absolutely Recommend! My body feels so much better after a session with Elise. I am stronger, more flexible and have a better outlook in life!" -Laura McDaniel, Evanston Illinois


Movement classes
Fitness training
Coaching packages

Movement Classes

Fitness Training
Health Coaching

Fitness/Wellness Presentations

Join Elise in these weekly movement classes! She offers something for every level and ability!

Customized Fitness Training and Health Coaching. Personal assessment and individualized  programming. On-site and on-line  packages.

Elise offers individualized presentations on fitness and wellness subjects  


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