Join Elise in these weekly movement classes! She offers something for every level and ability!

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Elise Foss, MS, GLCMA, HC has been in the fitness Industry for 30 years and has helped numerous people look and feel their best! Elise realized early on that she was happiest when moving and dancing; as it helped her tone down anxiety and relieve depression.  Finding and experiencing the right movement is her potion for feeling good, and this is what she loves sharing with others!


Elise feels that, as complex human beings, we have the need for individualized and holistic solutions.  This is why she has found it important to be trained in various areas relating to the human body as well as mindfulness.


Alignment is paramount for optimal health!  Most of us have misalignments which can create a myriad of issues in the body. Elise's M.S. specialization in Corrective Exercises has trained her to find and correct the dysfunctions her client's bodies, to help them achieve their best possible alignment. This is a very important first step, before adding more difficult exercises.


Her training in Movement Analysis helps her understand the qualities of movements that her clients are missing and need to have added to their routines to balance their movement repertoire and improve well-being.


Elise also specializes in energy work, healing and meditation. It helps her assist  clients in incorporate changes from an energetic or spiritual level.  Having alignment at a deeper level can help changes take a hold.  


​The training that Elise has acquired in coaching has helped her understand how to best support someone in their journey of change.


Her years of experience and expertise make her a sought after trainer and healer! 


Why work with Elise?

Here are the services we can help with...

More Energy through a better breathing pattern

Most of us use faulty breath patterns. Because all patterns of development build over the next one, if there is something wrong with one of them it will impact the subsequent ones. Since the  breath is within the first stage of development, then  improving the way we breathe can improve the way we move, and our well-being.

Weight Loss

Most of us want to be as close to our ideal weight as we can, to derive the benefits of it. Elise can give you coaching   from an evidence based knowledge to help you through an integrated approach.

Body Awareness for better posture and well-being

You can do one hour of exercise a day, but if the rest of the time you are not aware of the way that you are seated, moving and doing things, then you could be causing misalignment in the body which will affect the way you feel and look.

Better Alignment for less Pain

Alignment affects absolutely everything!  When people experience pain the y often want to just deal with the part of the body that experiences discomfort without realizing that issues in other parts of the body could be the culprit. Best recipe for well-being: Good alignment!

Increased  Energy

As someone who has suffered with adrenal fatigue, Elise knows that there are  many factors that need to be explored  to improve energy and well-being. She can help you with the movement, meditation and coaching portions of your journey to help you reach a more balanced body and mind.

Stress Management to feel better and shrink the waist line

The right exercise/wellness program can help you feel better and distress. If you are already stressed and adding a routine that is too taxing to the body, the effects of increased cortisol through the fight or flight response will have the opposite effects then what you are looking for. Elise can coach you to find the best support in terms of movement , breath,  meditation and mindfulness.


"Absolutely Recommend! My body feels so much better after a session with Elise. I am stronger, more flexible and have a better outlook in life!" -Laura McDaniel, Evanston Illinois


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Join Elise in these weekly movement classes! She offers something for every level and ability!


Customized fitness training for any  fitness level. Personal assessment and individualized fitness programming.

Elise offers on-site and on-line fitness training packages.


Elise offers individualized coaching packages to help you move from your current situation to your desired situation 


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